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Online pediatric health services in Bangladesh

Our Health Services

We are aware of the acute emergencies that arise in children. Real-time advice from a professional can alleviate a great deal of anxieties. At Suhrid Health we offer virtual and tele-health consultation for parents regarding their kids health, in a family-centric way.

Our Mission

Our philosophy is family-centered care for children in the best possible manner. Our goal is to do more than just treating illnesses, rather we intend to ensure care for you child.

Services for Patients

When you call, one of our team members will analyze and suggest a solution to your problem/question. If required, you will then be directed to a doctor or a specialist according to your need. We have a wide range of qualified and experienced health professionals who are capable of providing outstanding sustainable quality patient care.

Parents can take health suggestions for their kids from 0-16 years of age from our doctors’ team anytime between 9 am to 9 pm without having to come to the hospital in person. In the course of time, we will consider extending this service 24/7. This instant service is an opportunity for the distressed to get medical advice for the sick children no matter rich or poor, far or near, or any time of the day. For conditions that don’t require hospital visits, parents can get advice from our telehealth service.

Our telehealth numbers:

Services for Doctors

Besides patient care, we also offer this as a platform for doctors to serve people. Interested doctors and consultants can register to provide medical advice through our online portal. You can fill out the form online and submit to us.

Privacy Statement

We care about the privacy of patients and health professionals. We will protect their personal information by not sharing the data with third parties. The client will be connected in a conference call mode via Switchboard where the phone number will not be displayed.

However, a specialist list will be there on the web page, and patients/parents can ask for consultation with a particular one. We are working on keeping patient ID which will be generated once a client registers through a few simple steps providing name and mobile number. This ID will help during future communications and keep records of each patient on the server.

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